A note from the owner

“Our company began in 1979 when my dad, Bill Davis, began designing and selling quality signs in this area. At that time, most signs were wooden and hand painted, so it was just him and a sign painter doing everything. My brother and I grew up learning first hand about good design and what really works for the customer. My dad retired in 1997 and we took over running the business. The age of computers and a much wider variety of mediums, has opened a new world of seemingly endless and ever-changing possibilities for our design team and our customers. Yet, as much as things have changed, one thing remains the same: “Design is the Difference”.

Today almost anyone with a computer can make a sign of some kind, but not everyone has the knowledge and experience to know what works for each unique business and customer. We promise to continue the tradition of personal customer service that began so many years ago. We want to be your source for custom designs and quality workmanship for years to come.”

- Mac Davis (Owner)